.Net Remoting

.NET Remotingis a Microsoft Application Programming Interface (API) for developing widely distributed applications (known as inter-process communication). In this type of programming, processes may be running on one or more computers connected by a network. It facilitates communication between different applications, the applications may be running on the same computer, different computers on the same network, or even computers across separate networks

In the past, communication between distributed applications (or interprocess communication) was handled through DCOM. However, DCOM has its own drawbacks in the Internet connected world. DCOM relies on a proprietary binary protocol that not all object models support, this hinders interoperability across platforms. In addition, it communicates over a range of ports that are normally blocked by firewalls. .NET Remoting eliminates the difficulties of DCOM by supporting different communication protocols formats. This makes .NET Remoting a preferred choice over DCOM.

.NET Remoting is based on accessing remote objects through channels - TcpChannel and HttpChannel (channels physically transport the messages to and from remote objects). The TcpChannel or HttpChannel can be extended or a new channel can be created if the existing channels do not meet the requirements of the programmers.

Our team of IT professionals at Outsourcing .Net Development has extensive experience in working on higher end distributed application projects, we have delivered a range of projects for clients facilitating interprocess communication. Needless to say, our applications developed on .NET Remoting has helped organizations in numerous ways like:

  • Information sharing

  • Computation speedup

  • Modularity

  • Convenience

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