LINQ (Language Integrated Query)

LINQ (Language Integrated Query) is a component of Microsoft .NET Framework that aims at adding data querying capabilities and features to .NET languages. It is a set of extensions to the .NET Framework that encompass language-integrated query, set, and transform operations. It can be implemented to extend database manipulation to several different .net languages such as C#, Visual Basic and many more.

LINQ helps in data manipulation and generation in regard to the .NET Framework, it provides standard query operator APIs to encourage the object-oriented practices and methodologies. Microsoft basically divides LINQ into three areas such as LINQ to Object, LINQ to ADO.NET and LINQ to XML.

Our team at Outsourcing .Net Development has extensive experience in working on .NET Languages, we have developed a range of higher end database applications for clients incorporating various .NET frame work components including LINQ.

Database application specialists at Outsourcing .Net are equipped with in-depth knowledge about various database technologies. Our team has been successfully able to extend the database manipulation (query) based capabilities to several different languages with the help of LINQ .NET Framework Component. We at, Outsourcing .Net Development believes in deploying latest and advanced technologies in developing applications to enrich the end-user experience.

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