MVC (Model View Controller)

MVC (Model View Controller) is an architectural design that can be implemented in software engineering. The architecture helps in isolating business logic, user interface and data repository into separate entities thus permitting independent development, testing and maintenance of each component without affecting the other.

MVC is often seen in web applications where the view is the HTML or XHTML generated by the application. Applications developed using the MVC architecture provides immense flexibility to the programmers as regards design, development, testing and maintenance as each component can be handled separately.

The applications developed on MVC architecture functions in a distinct manner, the user interacts with the user interface in some way (for example, presses a mouse button) and the controller handles the input event from the user interface. The applications developed on this architecture offer greater scale of flexibility for programmers as well as the end-users. The processing of such applications is faster and improves the overall system performance.

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