N-Tier Architecture

Application development involves a number of issues including the selection of architecture for development. There are a number of architecture models available for developers, however, N-Tier Architecture is more preferred by the programmers as well as organizations world-wide. This architecture has its own advantages as against other architecture models available for development.

N-Tier Architecture helps in dividing the application into different layers, the most preferred form is 3-Tier Architecture wherein an application can be divided into layers such as presentation logic layer, business logic layer and data layer. The division of the application into layers or functions provides great flexibility to the programmers.

N-Tier Architecture helps to divide the development task and thereby facilitating the distribution of development work among different programmers. Each layer can be developed and tested separately. This methodology helps to save development time and cost. Not only time and monetary resources are saved, but it also helps in developing applications that deliver better performance, scalability and extensibility.

Our team of IT professionals at Outsourcing .Net Development have vast experience and knowledge in deploying N-Tier Architecture. We are capable of developing higher end applications based on this architecture. The applications developed by us on this architecture are easy to implement, maintain and offer great extensibility.

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