SOA Architecture

SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) is a an architecture that helps to link different services on a common platform. It is a flexible set of design principles used during the phases of systems development and integration. Upon implementation, an this architecture provides a loosely-integrated suite of services that can be used within multiple business domains.

SOA facilitates integration of widely disparate applications for a world that is Web based and uses multiple implementation platforms. This architecture separates functions into distinct units, or services, which developers make accessible over a network in order to allow users to combine and reuse them in the production of applications.

Layer interaction in SOA includes-enterprise service layer, domain service layer, application service layer. Programmers develop the services themselves using traditional languages like Java, C, C++, C# or COBOL. The basic requirement for the implementation of this architecture includes availability of interoperability between different systems and programming languages.

SOA architecture can be implemented well for web services as they make functional building-blocks that are accessible over standard Internet protocols independent of platforms and programming languages. These services can represent either new applications around existing systems to make them network-enabled.

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